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Anglicko-turistický víkend 12

15. – 17. listopadu 2013 v Markoušovicích

The Two Wolves

Once upon a time there was a young boy who went to his grandfather with a big problem.
“Grandpa,” he said, “I feel like there is a huge war going on inside of me. I feel anger. I feel disappointment. But I also feel happiness and joy. I am so confused.”
The grandfather looked at the boy and smiled.
In a soft, wise voice he answered to the boy, “Well, inside of each of us there live two wolves. One of them is the good wolf, filled with joy and happiness. The other one is the bad wolf, full of hatred, anger and nastiness. These two wolves are constantly fighting against each other all the time.”
The boy asked, “But Grandpa, who will win?”
And the grandfather replied quietly, “My boy, whichever one you feed.”

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